Are Not Vaccinated.

The majority of people with measles in the U.S. are not vaccinated. However, these cases are a result of travel by people who become infected overseas, prior to returning back to the U.S. According to the World Health Organization measles is still common in areas within Europe, the Pacific, Asia and Africa. Its important to note that not all those unvaccinated, do so by choice. Several immunocompromised individuals, such as infants under 12 months of age or chemotherapy patients cannot receive the vaccine. no dataThose who do choose to remain unvaccinated can do so based on where they live. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures , almost all states except for Mississippi and West Virginia grant religious exemptions for those against immunizations. Twenty states allow for philosophical exemptions for those against immunizations due to personal, moral or other beliefs (including Georgia). 7) Symptoms are initially similar to the flu. Symptoms of measles may not be immediate but once they start they tend to be similar to the flu.

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