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and Taphouse 23, is currently in the planning stages. See Full Story NORRISTOWN >> At age 17, Aurora was one of Elmwood Park Zoos golden girls. When the beloved cougars condition worsened on Wednesday, the zoos veterinary staff made the tough decision to humanely euthanize Aurora, who was suffering from kidney failure, degenerative joint disease and senility. many ways, she had been blessed with a longevity in the zoos care that would have most likely eluded her in the wild. A healthy cougars typical lifespan in the wild is 8 to 13 years, but they are known to live up to 20 years in captivity. When she was just six months old, back in November of 1999, it was discovered that Aurora was nearly blind, due to bilateral cataracts, a condition most likely caused by a prenatal infection, according to Elmwood Park Zoo staff. She then underwent a successful cataract surgery at the University of Pennsylvanias veterinary hospital, preserving a portion of her eyesight and giving her the chance to live much longer than she ever would have in the wild. She never would have survived in the wild past a few months of age. Her blindness would have rendered her near helpless, said Dr. Adam Denish, Elmwood Park Zoos veterinarian in a release. With surgery, she regained her vision for most of her life. Born on May 5, 1999 at the Minnesota Zoo, Aurora and her brother Mankato arrived at Elmwood Park Zoo on June 5 that year.

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More.erious complications of cataract surgery may include infection, bleeding, pain, swelling, and sometimes something called an “after-cataract.” Robertson D expert opinion. Cataract surgery is performed by an eye doctor ophthalmologist on an outpatient basis, which means you don’t have to stay in the hospital after the surgery. Surgery is also an option. But they also can affect muscles in the coloured part of the eye iris . Several studies show increased cataract formation in patients with higher alcohol consumption compared with people who have lower or no alcohol consumption. The first eye needs to heal. Cataract development is like looking through a dirty windscreen of a car or smearing grease over the lens of a camera. Without treatment, glaucoma can cause partial vision loss, with blindness as a possible eventual outcome.

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